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Some people naturally love to exercise. I feel envy for people who have been exercising all their lives and it’s natural for them.

I started exercising only in my mid-twenties, so exercise is not something that’s in my blood or something that comes easily to me. Although the more I work out, the more natural it becomes. And now it’s become almost second nature (yep, I still have to say “almost”).

On my journey to health and a fitter body, I was using these few tips to help me overcome my resistance and stick to my work-out regime. I’d love to share them with you, and hope that they help you get fitter and healthier too. So here are the tricks that you can use when you’re dreading exercising.

1. Put your workout clothes next to your bed last thing at night.

Some people even sleep in their workout clothes so that they don’t have to think about putting them on in the morning! This eliminates the decision making process in the morning, so you don’t even need to contemplate whether you should or shouldn’t exercise.

Or if you exercise at night, and you feel resistant, simply put on your workout clothes on. Don’t think about working-out just yet, just focus on the first step. Then once it’s done, you can start contemplating going to the gym (or wherever you exercise).

2. Think about how you want to feel after exercising.

We often think of exercising as hard work and associate it with struggle. Instead of overthinking about it, just focus on how you want to feel after a session. Remind yourself how you felt in the past, perhaps energised, accomplished, proud. Focusing on this feeling often makes me motivated to go and exercise.

3. Turn on the music.

Tell yourself that you’re not going to workout, you’re just going to listen to some music, and it happens to be while you’re on a treadmill.

Make a list of songs that you enjoyed when you were at a party, and had a really good time. Songs that give you a very good vibe. And take those songs with you on the iPod or MP3 player. The music will energize you and make you want to move.

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I’d love to know which one of these tips resonate with you most? Which one are you going to try yourself? Leave a comment below! Yes, I read each comment and respond accordingly.

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