Breakthrough Into Magic

90 min private experience with Osha Key

What is it?

A 90 min private online session, combining coaching, energy and intuitive work (via Zoom).

This is a rare opportunity to work with me privately and experience a massive breakthrough into your own magic. I combine a decade of coaching experience, deep psychology and shamanic practices.

Is it possible to shift just in one session?

During the last ten years of coaching, I have worked with thousands of people and have developed the ability to create a shift in one session that would normally take months.

Sometimes people tend to think it’s about the number of sessions or the length of a session. But it’s about the result. If it took you one 90 minute session vs 9 months of weekly sessions to get the same result, what would you choose?


In a 90 min session you’ll have a breakthrough by:

  • Understanding what deep subconscious patterns and beliefs are holding you back
  • Releasing the old conditioning and reprogramming the beliefs
  • Experiencing a custom-tailored guided meditation / shamanic journey / energy healing to anchor those changes
  • Tapping into the vision and connecting with your soul guidance


This is an opportunity to have a quantum leap into your desired reality and experience for yourself that anything is possible: an exhilarated wellbeing, financial abundance, optimum health, harmonious relationships, fulfilling career and whatever your soul longs for.




When will the session happen?

Once you’ve registered, we will contact you to arrange the time. The session will take place in February. I work with clients all over the world, in different time zones, so we will find a time that’s convenient for you.

You must register in January and the session will be held in February (most likely the first few weeks of Feb).

Limited spaces

“I have worked with many coaches throughout my journey but coaching with Osha does not compare! I feel such amazing shifts! Thank you, Osha, for listening deeply, holding space and helping to guide me towards the woman I'm meant to be - and WILL BE. I feel that this is truly remarkable work we are doing. I feel seen, acknowledged and deeply respected in our sessions. I cry "tears of truth", as you beautifully articulated, due to the fact you are helping me tap into energies and sources of light that I didn't even know were alive within me. Thank you for being such an incredible woman, healer, and inspiration in my life and for walking this road with me.”

Candice Benson, 36Self-employed, Canada

“I'm so grateful for Osha, her expertise, her love for her clients is unmatched. I’ve had countless coaches in the past but I’ve grown the most since working with Osha. She taught me so much about forgiveness, self-awareness, and truly stepping into being the woman I am meant to be. I’ve never been more inspired to be better, to give more, to share more… The biggest changes I saw in myself was how I viewed the real me. I gained more clarity around my business, which in turn, I started to generate more money as well. I can’t express enough how honoured I am to work with her. One of the greatest investments I’ve ever made. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Sarah Faith,USA

“I can honestly say Osha and her healing framework has changed my life. I have been a seeker for many years, and have tried virtually every healing modality in the book. While I had shifted quite a bit over the years, I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet and was still struggling - I knew I was missing something. When I found Osha, I loved that her approach addresses the root blockages versus managing the presenting symptoms. I feel the tools Osha taught will serve me for the rest of my life. She’s not only a lovely person but walks the talk.”

Kathryn RuttiUSA