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How I Attracted 21 New Coaching Clients Without Spending A Dollar On Marketing

What would you do with your life if you had unlimited time, money, power, love, connections and other resources, and couldn’t fail? It may sound like a cliché question that self-help gurus ask in their free weekend seminars, where you get a lot of stock-image filled leaflets and sales pitches. Actually, I heard this question years ago, in one of those seminars. After giving it a good thought, my answer was: talk about deep things with people and help them find meaning in their lives.  Years later, this is literally what I do full time and get paid for. I’ve done different things throughout the last seven years running my online business: coaching, creating and launching online programs, video and written content, digital marketing and branding consulting, etc. But last year, my primary focus in my business was one-to-one coaching. I was fully booked with at least ten clients at the time throughout the whole year. Most of the time I worked less than 15 hours a week, travelled quite a bit, and had a lot of “me” time. Since I mostly coach other coaches, I’ve been asked, how did I do it? The aim of this article is to...
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What is Love? Love From Evolutionary, Biological, Philosophical, Artistic And Spiritual Perspectives

Whenever I hear the question “What is love?”, I can’t help but sing in my head “What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me… no more”. You too? Good! However, we’re not going to travel to the ’90s, where this Haddaway song was all the rage. Instead, we’re going to travel to the nostalgically warm autumn of 2018, to that time when I fell in love for the last time (so far!). I can still see it as if it happened yesterday… He’s sitting across the table from me, and he may be the most charming man I’ve ever met. I can smell the trouble. We’re in a lovely restaurant, with white tablecloths, cosy lights, romantic music and an Italian waiter who just gave us the whole theatrical performance trying to describe the special of the day (oh, those Italian hand gestures!). Intoxicating chardonnay is being refilled in our glasses and already flowing in our bloodstreams. It’s been one hour into our date, and he’s already told me about twenty-seven compliments — on everything from my hair, to my thinking, to the way I laugh. And, boy, do I laugh a lot because his sense of humour is next level hilarious. We’re flirting...
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