Executive Coaching for Career Women

Advanced Communication and Leadership Training

I f you’re someone who wants to step into a leadership position, learn the advanced communication and negotiation skills and take your career to the next level, I offer a 12-week Advanced Executive Coaching Programme to help you take your career to the next level.

Why I’m The Right Coach For You

I’ve started my full time coaching business in 2012, but prior to that I’ve worked in a corporate world in the UK and New Zealand as an Office Manager, Executive Assistant and HR Manager, where I’ve gained the skills and experience to help people progress and grow in the company and step into their power.

It’s my mission and purpose to see the potential in people and help them step up to that. During the years of my work in the corporate world and as a personal coach, I’ve learned and developed the effective tools to gain self-awareness, overcome the obstacles that are holding them back and empower them to become the leaders in their work-place or business.

12 Week Programme Curriculum

  • Week 1: Goal setting, defining the values and vision
  • Week 2: Self awareness: understanding how your brain is wired
  • Week 3: Self awareness (continued)
  • Week 4: Uncovering the skills and passions
  • Week 5: Overcoming limiting beliefs and obstacles
  • Week 6: Communication skills and rapport building
  • Week 7: Advanced communication skills
  • Week 8: Mindfulness practices
  • Week 9: Productivity systems and hacks
  • Week 10: Advanced leadership skills
  • Week 11: Creating positive influence and being a role model
  • Week 12: Action plan to step into a leadership role

We all have the capacity to become our best selves and step into a leadership position. But most of the women I work with, used to hold themselves back. By tapping into your potential, gaining self-awareness, learning the advanced communication and leadership skills, you can become a great asset to your current employee and add more value to your organisation.

Ready to take your career to the next level?