Welcome to your universe.

Welcome to You 2.0

Elevate your life in 2022 with my signature soul accelerating course.

 To the woman craving more magic, who has scratched the surface of her potential but has hit a wall on her journey…

How would it feel to sail into 2022 knowing you were going to have your most aligned year yet, not concerned with what’s held you back before, but ready to create a life completely on your terms?

Would you be able to stop for a moment and finally feel that excitement again, take a nourishing deep breath and surrender to your future?

There is a reason why you’re here right now,
you’ve landed here because perhaps…

  • You’re ready to feel that deep sense of hope return as you start to prioritise your future again. Something inside you is changing and you want to cultivate more of this magical energy in 2022.
  • You know the power of reflection, evaluation and making aligned plans. You just need the space to take inspired action.
  • You’ve been craving the chance to slow down and connect with yourself so that you can get back in touch with what truly lights you up.
  • You have a longing to tap into the magic of your inner wisdom, to listen to your intuition so you can start to make big, bold, empowered decisions in 2022.
  • You have that feeling in your gut that this could be the pull you need to get back on the right path…

Don’t ignore the whispers, that’s your inner wisdom speaking directly to you, telling you that something wonderful is about to happen.


Let’s be honest

2021 was a bit of a weird year. I have spoken to so many women who have agreed, the past two years have kind of merged right? So, if you have struggled to stay motivated and aligned to your goals, you’re not alone.

Instead, I want you to feel completely empowered by what you have learnt in the past and use these lessons to help you get so focused on your future.

Hey, I’m Osha Key,

Transformation coach, business mentor, shamanic healer, author and speaker.

When I’m not guiding ambitious women to master the next level in their life using soul-aligned techniques, I’m learning how to use Shamanic magic and beautiful rituals to support me in my own development.

I am so excited to share my signature method I have used every year to realign, re-energise and reaffirm my goals.

You’re going to see just how I have designed the life OF MY HEART’S DESIRES, using this formula that has been developed and improved every year for the last decade.

Whether you want to completely overhaul your life or just shake things up in 2022, You 2.0 is going to help you step up, find more depth and keep you feeling motivated and safe in the decisions you make for yourself.

I know you’re tired and you need something to change and maybe you’re not ready to invest in a coach right now. That’s why I’m making this available to you, because I deeply believe this course will change your 2022 and your life.

“Osha's relenting stand and no BS coaching style really helped me step into my greatness and own it. Throughout the program I began to see shifts in how I relate to myself. I started seeing myself as sexy, and even though I hadn't become 'skinny', people around me were telling me how great I looked. My husband especially couldn't take his eyes off me. "You're so sexy baby, what did you do?", he'd ask, pulling me towards him as I get ready for work. And not just that, I began stepping up at work. I began speaking up. I closed new deals. I got positive feedback from my bosses, my clients, my colleagues. I began getting comments like 'Wow! You're kicking goals all over the park!" from my CEO.”

Nimarta Verma, 31Business strategist, Sydney, Australia

“I’m incredibly grateful for an incredibly gentle, compassionate and practical leadership, also for the respect, encouragement and love that she offers. A massive breakthrough has happened inside and out. So powerful. My self awareness has increased immensely, and as a result I gained more courage, confidence and trust in the Universe. It feels like the old feelings of constant searching for fulfilment are like a far away dream, and now I wake up every day feeling joy, gratitude, peace, lightness and love for life. Working with Osha has been the best investment of my life! Thank you, Universe, for this gift! Thank you, Osha, for changing people’s lives!”

Vaida LItaly

“I'm so grateful for Osha, her expertise, her love for her clients is unmatched. I’ve had countless coaches in the past but I’ve grown the most since working with Osha. She taught me so much about forgiveness, self-awareness, and truly stepping into being the woman I am meant to be. I’ve never been more inspired to be better, to give more, to share more… The biggest changes I saw in myself was how I viewed the real me. I gained more clarity around my business, which in turn, I started to generate more money as well. I can’t express enough how honoured I am to work with her. One of the greatest investments I’ve ever made. Thank you thank you thank you.”

Sarah Faith,USA

Now, I know those thoughts are trying to creep back in…

“I’ve read all of the self-development books and I’m still falling into bad habits.” Or,
“What if I don’t have the time to complete the course in time for 2022.”

Let me reassure you, this isn’t your average self-development course. We will be going deep and cultivating the magic and potential, YOU KNOW you have deep down inside you.

I used this exact same method to get me through one of the toughest years of my life last year. I did it with patience and compassion and I can honestly say 2021 has been the best year of my life.

What makes this technique different is, we don’t shy away from the past. We focus on making deep peace with it and extract the lessons that will open up new perspectives that will make everyday feel magical.

Take a moment to let that armour fall away and imagine:

  • Feeling unwavering confidence & vitality in your body
  • Experiencing powerful love with a partner who adores you
  • Feeling more connection with those you love the most
  • Having access to unlimited wealth and abundance
  • Being at complete peace, finally seeing the constellations of happiness that dance across the skies of your future

This is what I will help you do. We will open our hearts to the past so we can heal, learn, grow and trust ourselves once again.
I know you’re hungry to reclaim your power and it’s all inside of you, waiting for you to tap into.

“I have worked with many coaches throughout my journey but coaching with Osha does not compare! I feel such amazing shifts! Thank you, Osha, for listening deeply, holding space and helping to guide me towards the woman I'm meant to be - and WILL BE. I feel that this is truly remarkable work we are doing. I feel seen, acknowledged and deeply respected in our sessions. I cry "tears of truth", as you beautifully articulated, due to the fact you are helping me tap into energies and sources of light that I didn't even know were alive within me. Thank you for being such an incredible woman, healer, and inspiration in my life and for walking this road with me.”

Candice Benson, 36Self-employed, Canada

“Working with Osha has opened and revealed my potential, my deeply hidden dreams, my secret powers and simple truths. I highly recommend Osha to every woman who is in search of her own power to blossom and bloom!”


“I can honestly say Osha and her healing framework has changed my life. I have been a seeker for many years, and have tried virtually every healing modality in the book. While I had shifted quite a bit over the years, I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet and was still struggling - I knew I was missing something. When I found Osha, I loved that her approach addresses the root blockages versus managing the presenting symptoms. I feel the tools Osha taught will serve me for the rest of my life. She’s not only a lovely person but walks the talk.”

Kathryn RuttiUSA

Welcome to You 2.0

You 2.0 is a self-paced course that will provide the innate wisdom to create a bright and brilliant future bursting with all the beauty, warmth and wonder you can imagine.

In You 2.0 we take the power away from what worries you, allowing you to let your intuition flow so you can get complete clarity on your purpose, make peace with your past and create a vision so clear, it will feel like you’ve already manifested it.

Welcome to You 2.0

You 2.0 is a self-paced course that will provide the innate wisdom to create a bright and brilliant future bursting with all the beauty, warmth and wonder you can imagine.

In You 2.0 we take the power away from what worries you, allowing you to let your intuition flow so you can get complete clarity on your purpose, make peace with your past and create a vision so clear, it will feel like you’ve already manifested it.

You 2.0 should be on your Christmas non-negotiable wish list if you’re:

  • Worried that 2022 is going to drown in a sea of school runs, never ending to-do lists and weekends centred around other people.
  • Ready to redefine your passion and purpose so you reignite your life with excitement.
  • Lacking time to do the things that truly light you up, whether that is making time for yoga or just taking yourself out for a coffee.
  • Ready to grow in confidence and want to create soul-aligned habits.
  • Finally ready to stop scrolling, looking for a distraction and you want to pause Netflix so you can reconnect with yourself.
  • Curious about manifesting and the law of attraction but you don’t know how to incorporate it into your busy life.

This is your permission slip to indulge in the ultimate act of self-love

You 2.0 is available at the super rate of £111 and will include:

  • Complete access to the self-paced programme for two years so you can use my method to shape 2022-2024.
  • The course is broken up into 3 parts and is designed to work through in a way that feels good for you.
  • You’ll watch coaching videos from me that will go alongside downloadable PDFs to support you to evolve into the best version of you… You 2.0

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“I’ve been in Osha’s world for almost 4 years and what a journey! With all my humbleness I am grateful I crossed this powerful, inspiring and deep woman. I have grown so much and manifested living in a beautiful and peaceful country, in a spacious house by the sea, surrounded by colorful nature. Every day I hug my wonderful three kids and loving husband. I have been successfully taking on significant projects at work. I’ve become a certified yoga teacher and I am in the transition to welcome an activity which is very dear to my heart. A lot of this happened in the last few years following my heart. The road is much shorter to MAGIC with the inspiring and supportive teacher. Forever thankful to you dear Osha!”

Rita Robin, 36Consultant, Norway

“After working with Osha, not only do I know what my soul purpose is, but I also have clear steps on how to manifest it into the world. I learned how to listen to the whispers of my soul, open my heart, feel it all, and bravely claim my deepest desires. The best thing about Osha’s coaching is that while gentle, fun and supportive, it is powerful and deep. She cracks you open and shows your own power to yourself. It is yours to claim. Do you want to transform your life on the deepest level? Get in her world!”

Viktorija JPsychologist, Netherlands

“Completing Osha’s programme has been one of the best investments I have ever made. Despite many years of traditional therapy, I had not experienced such a powerful shift as I have when working with Osha.”

Patrycja J.Doctor of Psychology, London, UK

“Osha is magic 🙂 She is so inspiring, so open and honest. And she knows so f* much! Doing Osha’s program was the best investment I have ever made. I feel calm, more in my body, more like myself. And it's the best feeling I could ever ask for.”

Aleksandra GaleckieneLithuania